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If you want to send me fan-art, I shall love you forever. (Newer ones at the top.)

Lacey by Max Carleton

Very nice! I'm sorry I didn't put this up sooner. >_< *ish lazy*
Failing Sense Cover by TKGB_Cocker

This is awesome. How long did this take?? *amazed* I especially love the shading on her dress.
Jemi by Lee Lee

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

How awesome is this? It's spiffingly gorgeous. =)
Lacey by Du Ly

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thanks so much! I love her sad face expression and the shackles on her wrists.
Lacey by Fayth

Awesome! I love how you colored this. ^_^ <3
Lacey by Chrissy

A cute little Lacey avatar.<3
To send me fan-art/fiction/etc. (I love anything and everything =D) You can either email me at x_dandelion_wishes_x[at]yahoo[dot]com or post a link to the picture somewhere on the site. =)

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